Started in 2011, CREDAI-MCHI CGC is a key regulatory function of the Chamber.

The objective is to reassure the customer that his/her interests can be safeguarded by CREDAI-MCHI internal process of self-regulation, and customer grievances can be amicably resolved without having to resort to legal procedures.

CREDAI-MCHI Consumer Grievance Cell shall take up, for resolution, any valid complaint against a member, related to:

  • Deficiency in Quality
  • Non-Delivery of promised amenities
  • Delayed Possession of premises Modalities
  • Only complaints in respect of Members of CREDAI-MCHI shall be attended to.
  • CREDAI-MCHI shall not entertain any complaint by one Developer member against another Developer member.
  • CREDAI-MCHI shall not entertain any complaint which is subjudice, already lodged in a court of law, Government Dept. or Forum.

Working Procedure

i. The CGC shall have two benches each headed by a Past President of the CREDAI-MCHI, and other members of the CREDAI-MCHI Managing Committee.

Ist Bench:
Shri. Rajni Ajmera : Past President & Chairman CGC
Shri Sukhraj Nahar : Treasurer
Shri. Harish Patel : Jt. Hon. Secretary

IInd Bench:

Shri. Pravin Doshi : Past President
Shri. Vimal Shah : President-elect
Shri. Boman Irani : Hon. Secretary

ii. CREDAI-MCHI has instituted a formal procedure for receiving complaints. If a complaint, after preliminary review, is maintainable then the complainant shall pay Rs. 5000/- + 15% (Service Tax) by cheque or pay order. Thereafter it will be referred to the concerned member for their response/or amicable resolution.

iii. If complaint still remains unresolved, the CGC hears both aggrieved parties, and discusses to arrive at reasonable conclusion.

iv. The Chairman of CGC may constitute 2 Sub Committees on specific subjects, such as Legal, Technical, etc. If required, the Chairman or Committee may take opinion from 3rd party at its discretion and the Complainant will bear the necessary expense so incurred.

v. On conclusion, CGC delivers its formal decision. The decision shall be binding on both parties. If accepted, the complainant formally confirms same.

The promotion of the Consumer Grievance Cell is a strong customer-friendly step, which will further our goal of transparency and fair dealing. An aggrieved CREDAI-MCHI member may perhaps not concur with a Court’s adverse verdict. But he will gracefully accept a decision delivered by a respected peer.


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