<strong>Redevelopment of buildings in Mumbai city:  Bringing Parity in Reg. 33 of DCPR 2034</strong>

In most cities of developing countries, old buildings always tend to undergo redevelopment. There are one or more than one reasons for this. Such as buildings which are in dilapidated condition or uneconomic to repair or tenants are in a need of more usable floor area. This activity of building redevelopment is much visible in Mumbai city for past decade and half. Because of various constraints and considerations, this process of projects of building redevelopment is quite complex. It takes considerable efforts and time to accomplish the projects. 

Redevelopment projects in Mumbai are executed under reg. 33(5), 33(7)A, 33(7)B, 33(9), 33(10), 33(11) and other redevelopment schemes under reg. 33 of DCPR 2034. In order to promote holistic development, it is just to give eligible and constitutional push to all redevelopment projects planned and being executed under all the above regulations. Nevertheless, out of all the redevelopment schemes mentioned above, maximum redevelopment can be carried out under reg. 33(7) and 33(10) – as majority of density of population is either in slums or in dilapidated buildings. 

In the year 2021, the State Government approved the proposal of amending the height of the buildings under 33(9) from 120 meters to 250 meters. However, restricting such benefits only for projects under 33(9) shall create disparity to other developments taking place in Mumbai city and the suburbs. 

It is high time, the richest urban local body of our country should allow the amended and increased height parameters to all redevelopment projects under reg. 33 of DCPR 2034  as currently exclusively approved for redevelopment projects under sec. 33(9) of DCPR 2034.

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