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The CREDAI-MCHI CRE-MATRIX Research Report was the first initiative of CREDAI-MCHI with CRE-MATRIX. This report is a highly important research report to realtors, as each report covers crucial topics and shares significant insights on them. Now every month a new report is being issued covering a crucial topic.



August 2022 Edition of the CREDAI-MCHI – CRE Matrix Research Report on MMR Property Rentals Tracker. This particular rental property tracker gives insights, such as Thane witnessing 1.2x growth in rentals and Palghar having a higher trajectory of rental prices. This is substantial proof that the MMR is developing in a holistic manner.

Some key findings of the reports were:

  • MMR has witnessed a rise in housing rentals, with 65% of the micro-markets having more than a 1.1x increase in rentals compared to CY 2018.
  • In Mumbai, rentals for 5 of the top micro-markets soared up by more than 1.2x compared to CY 2018. 64% of all the micro-markets witnessed a double-digit percentage growth in their rentals compared to CY 2018.
  • 74% of all the micro-markets in Thane have observed a double-digit percentage growth in housing rentals compared to CY 2018.
  • Palghar has been leaning towards an upward trajectory in rentals appreciation. 71% of the micro markets in Palghar witnessed growth in rentals by more than 1.1x compared to CY 2018 rentals.
  • 46% of the Thane market has seen more than a 1.2x increase in rentals. 10 out of 13 markets observed a rise of more than 2% CAGR in rentals compared to CY 2018.

The regions covered are Micro/Macro Markets Mumbai, Thane District, Raigad District and Palghar District for residential as well as commercial.

CRE Matrix_SD Impact Duty Analysis_June 2022

JUNE 2022

Direct impact of Stamp Duty on Housing Sales in MMR

The June 2022 Edition of the CREDAI-MCHI – CRE Matrix Research Report was a detailed study highlighting the direct impact of stamp duty on Housing Sales in MMR.

The report gives the below-mentioned findings:

  • The city of Mumbai has touched the peak of Rs 2,15,170 Cr. in terms of the value of units sold in the MMR.
  • Post slashing of S.D., Thane observed a huge sale of 1,69,748 units.
  • Quarterly Trend analysis of Stamp Duty Collection, Total no. of units Sold and the total value of units sold.

The regions covered are Micro/Macro Markets Mumbai City, Thane District, Raigad District and Palghar District, etc.

CREDAI MCHI - CRE Matrix Mar’22-1

MARCH 2022

This Edition of the CREDAI MCHI – CRE Matrix Monthly Research Report is on the MMR Housing report.

This research report focuses on the research conclusions which shows the average value of the units sold in MMR from the years 2018 to 2021 in various Markets of MMR

The regions covered are Micro/Macro Markets of South Mumbai, Suburbs (Central, Eastern, Western), KDMC, Mira Bhayandar, Bhiwandi, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Vasai Virar, Rest of Palghar, Panvel, and Rest of Raigad.

MMR Office Report copy






7TH report is on MMR Buyers’ Origin. The report covers analysis on buyers’ origin for a particular micro-market and their contribution to Top 20 localities of that region. The regions covered are Micro Markets of South Mumbai, Suburbs (Central, Eastern, Western), KDMC, Mira Bhayandar, Bhiwandi, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Vasai Virar, and Raigad. MMR office demand in Jan-Sep’21 period increased by 2% vs previous full year demand and increased by 36.6% on an annualized basis for 2021 vs full year 2020. Western Suburbs and Andheri were the top macro-markets from a demand perspective, contributing 45% to MMR’s office demand in the 9-month period. MMR Office supple shot up by 48% in the 9 months of 2021 vs full year of 2020 as Navi Mumbai and Western Suburbs contributed 52% of the supply during this period. MMR Vacancy went up by 2.5% on account of completions exceeding demand. Tenant exits are now plateauing and we expect this metric to be negligible going forward as occupiers come back to office from a long WFH period. In-place rentals increased by 1.7% in 2021 vs 2020, indicating a shift to better quality / graded spaces and also indicating the end of discounts given by owners due to the pandemic.

MMRPropertyTracker_July21 copy

JULY 2021

The 6th report was issued in July 2021, and it highlighted the property sales registration during March – July 2021. The key trends highlighted include:

  • The number of units registered.
  • The average monthly growth rate of registered units.
  • Monthly stamp duty collection.

JUNE 2021

The title of the 5th report was ‘MMR Housing Prices.’ The key trends covered in the report were Average Current Price, Highest Price Locality, Lowest Price Locality, Median Current Price, and four years CAGR.


MAY 2021

The 4th report’s title was ‘MMR Home Size Report.’ It stated that the average size of flats being built by developers has now increased. And homes with more space are witnessing higher demand amid Covid-19.


APRIL 2021

The 3rd report was titled ‘MMR Office Overview.’ And it had observed that demand for Office spaces had reduced by 60% compared to the same quarter of last year in MMR.


MARCH 2021

The 2nd report was titled ‘MMR Housing Typology Report.’ It has been observed that almost 87% of total units which were sold came under the <=2/2.5 BHK category in the last four years, with an average ticket size of ₹55 lacs.

PowerPoint Presentation


The 1st report of CREDAI-MCHI CRE-MATRIX Research was unveiled at the 8th edition of CREDAI-MCHI Biznet 2021 in Mumbai on 26th February 2021. It was titled ‘MMR Property Tracker.’ The report observed that MMR had witnessed 33% y-o-y Housing Sales growth in January 2021. And the average property value had 14% y-o-y growth.


Colliers Report

English version

CREDAI-Colliers-MMR-Report(17-01-2022) high raise  printable

Colliers Report

Marathi version

HPSI November copy

TruBoard Report

CREDAI-MCHI in association with TruBoard Partners has successfully developed a quarterly House Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) to exactly capture the perspective of prospective home buyers.

This excellent piece of real time research is constructed from answers given by real time consumers based on their evaluations of housing market conditions and address topics that are related to their home purchase decisions. The questions ask consumers whether they think that it is a good or bad time to buy or to sell a house, what direction they expect home prices and home loan interest rates to move

This is a first of its kind data intended for demand forecasting and will assist investors and real estate developers better understand human sentiments driving buying decisions pertaining to Real Estate. Unlike other indexes, this research index is not based on historical sales data or pricing.

This index is a key tool for developers, policy makers and banking organisations as it transparently shows the confidence levels of purchasers for various micro markets of MMR. For e.g. the report hints at lower optimism of buyers who are business owners compared to salaried individuals. This reports also hints at female prospective buyers in southern and western suburbs were optimistic about buying a house in next 6 months. The key mirco markets likes Andheri, BKC, Matunga and Powai have shown positive sales probability of prospective buyers are high probability buyers, with possibility of deal closure in 6 months.

final Report low

TruBoard Report

report 2

TruBoard Report

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