Appreciation is the way to success

Like love and compassion, appreciation is a basic human need. All human beings need to be appreciated for what they are or their inherent value in their personal or professional lives. Numerous global studies and employee surveys have proved that it is not the salary or the compensation that an employee receives that keeps them truly motivated. A genuine interest in their well-being and appreciation for their worth boosts their morale. 


Recognising employees or co-workers elevates loyalty and brings about a sense of belonging. When this sense of belonging pervades the company, it helps build a positive work environment and is the proper foundation of good culture. Appreciation has been noted as one common factor that gives them the impetus to show up with the willingness to perform better every day. 


In modern organisations, there are many ways or forms in which managers can show their appreciation. 


A promotion– An employee may be acknowledged and appreciated for his or her consistent efforts with a more significant role with higher compensation. This is the first and most basic recognition that is a great motivator as it involves personal career growth. 


Higher compensation– If a higher role or a promotion is not possible, the management may consider a higher salary for the same position in appreciation or recognition of the employee’s consistent efforts and good performance. 


Fair and timely appraisals- It is not always necessary for the management to grant out-of-turn promotions or salary increments for good performances. Adequate recognition during annual assessments is fair means of recognising employees’ efforts. 


Handwritten notes or certificates– Sometimes, there may be an occasion where you wish to appreciate an employee or a colleague for a task well done, or you want to thank them for the help provided on a job or a project. Instead of verbal communication, opt for a handwritten note or a certificate. Chances are, that your colleague or employee will cherish it for life, not to mention reciprocate your gesture. 


Using social media platforms- social media is all pervasive in today’s day and age. Modern organisations may leverage the power of social media platforms to recognise and appreciate the effort of their employees on social media platforms. This empowers employees by sending out the right message among their peers and enhancing their professional efficiencies. 


Recognition in company events- As stated earlier, intangible appreciation has equal or greater value for employees today. Recognition of their contribution in company events with awards is a great motivator. The larger the event and bigger the forum, the larger the bearing and value of the recognition. 


What’s more, it is the fuel for inspiration for other employees who believe that they too can be recognized for their efforts at a future date when they see their peers and colleagues receive appreciation in company events. 


We are all vulnerable beings at our core. Hence the human need for appreciation runs deep. Making a practice of authentically appreciating others will go a long way in building positive company culture and bring about success in the long run. 

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