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Appreciation is the way to success

Like love and compassion, appreciation is a basic human need. All human beings need to be appreciated for what they are or their inherent value in their personal or professional lives. Numerous global studies and employee surveys have proved that it…

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A country’s development can be assessed when the smaller towns and satellite cities experience holistic growth in terms of its economies and real estate. While, we Indian’s are observing a miliestone celebration in our 75th independence year, our country is also…

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Proven ways to increase productivity for channel partners

Post the pandemic, the role of channel partners in real estate has increased manifold. With enhanced digital capabilities, channel partners now offer many value-added features that assist home buyers.  These include construction news and updates, reviews on projects, and personalised virtual…

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How can Family Businesses learn from Start-ups?

The past few years has seen dramatic rise in businesses start-ups, founded by young first-generation entrepreneurs from non-business backgrounds. These founders have bet their career and skin, so to speak: albeit aided by increased access to equity capital on an innovative…

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Project Management Evolution

“Trying to manage a project without project management is like trying to play a football game without a game plan.” Since the early Egyptian era project management is being practiced; however, only about half a century ago organizations started applying systematic…

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Role of Private Sector in Making Value Addition to Housing

Housing being a basic human necessity, is needed and required by the human beings for reasons of security, safety, identity, quality of life etc. Housing needs vary largely and remain individual/family centric based on income, affordability, resources available, family size, availability…

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