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Understanding Mumbai Climate Action Plan

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation and the Maharashtra government have recently announced their first-ever climate action plan, Mumbai Climate Action Plan (MCAP), to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050. The city is the first in South Asia to set such a deadline two…

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Making Urban India Sustainable Through Green Buildings

Introduction Buildings, as definer of  human history, growth and development,  remain crucial for human civilisation.  Buildings remain central to all human living because 80% of human life-span is spent within four walls of  building- envelop. Modulating quality of life, buildings make…

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When is the right time to buy a property? NOW!

Wishes to the readers for the 2021-2022 festive season! With the festive season, there is always an aspiration to invest in/buy a property. But, often times-we ask this question to ourselves – “when is the right time”-the answer is-“it is NOW”…

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Owning a home in MMR has always remained one of the top most aspirations for man. Nevertheless, only a few are able to convert this aspiration in a reality. Spacious and Covid appropriate properties is always sought after in the ever-expanding…

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